David Koenig

iOS  macOS  Front End Developer

Here you see my portfolio of my apps & websites, that I did for clients and myself.

My Apps

iOS APP „Sail Learn“

iOS APP „Child Shapes“

iOS APP „Ice Puck“

This was my first App and is only in German. This App is about sailing and sailing theory. It also has three quiz where you can test your knowledge!

This App is for children developed, but also fun for older people! You have to bring diffrent Shapes to the right place. It also has an AR Game, where you play in the Real World.

This was my first gaming App. This App is about a Ice Hockey and you have to bring the puck to the goal, but there are enemy players!

iOS APP „Pig Oboli“

iOS APP „Rabbit Pepper“

iOS APP „Doggy Chuck“

This App is for Money Saver and there you can save your Pocket-Money. This App is also for young children but also adults can have fun with that App.

Rabbit Pepper is my pet and also has now a animated iMessage App.

Doggy Chuck is about the pet of my Sister and also has now a animated iMessage App.

macOS APP „HomeCapital“

coming soon...



My Sailing Site

Bau Group Wyka

BG Stodolski - Elektro

This Site was first Site ever. Here you can see information about my hobby Sailing. You can find more information about sailing theory. Please give it a look.

This is my first Site I did for a client. Please give it a look.

This is my latest Site I did for a client. Please give it a look

Coding Blog (Angular)

I made my Coding Blog with Angular, AngularMaterial and Google Firebase. I publish here some Coding Snippets and some other interesting stuff!




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