App “Child Block” available …

My new App “Child Block” is now available at the Apple App Store. The App is for young children and preschoolers. This App has three Challenge Games, which you and your kid can solve. I hope you enjoy the App. Have you Questions or want to give me Feedback, feel free to contact me.

Download Now:

Serverside Swift with Vapor

With Vapor you can develop modern web apps or APIs for your own app. The data exchange is in real-time on any server (eg Heroku).

I tried with a test app at Vapor and I am so very satisfied and also surprised how easy it is to connect a Sever app with your actual app.

Serveride Swift will play a major role in App development today and in the future. In addition, Vapor works with many user interfaces (eg MySQL, macOS, ubuntu, etc.).

For each Swift Developer, it is important to sit down with Serverside Swift. I highly recommend the Vapor Framework. ->

App “Ice Puck” (MINI Game) available …

My MINI Game App is now available at the App Store. The app is called “Ice Puck” and you can play it on the iPhone or iPad.
You have to bring a Ice Hockey Puck to the goal, but it is not easy, because there are enemies and they can “check” you out. When you reach a higher Level, it is getting more difficult.

To the App Page and Download:

App “Rabbit Pepper” – iMessage available …

My Sticker iMessage App – Rabbit Pepper – is online. You will find the App at the Apple AppStore. This App costs 0.99 Euro, and will be updated frequently. The Stickers are animated and designed by myself.

Have fun with the App, and please don’t be afraid to contact me, when you have questions (or you will send me feedback)!

App “Sail Learn” available …

My first app is now available at the App Store. The app is called “Sail Learn” and is initially intended only for the German-speaking countries, ie Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.
I hope this app is well received, for which it is intended! Namely for novice sailors and advanced sailors, who want to put your knowledge to the test. Have fun with the app and enter the app a try, because this app is free!

To the App Page and Download:

TableView and Design ….

In recent days, I sat down with TableView (Swift) in Xcode apart and programmed the design and menu of my upcoming APP. Table View is actually a great thing among IOS, is a well boundaries, but I do not want to miss. If all goes well, I’ll finish my App soon, but for now I don’t have a date.

I look forward to the additional programming. For more information, just stop looking back!

Swift 3.0 is coming

What to expect from Apple’s own programming language Swift 3.0, which will be presented at the “WWDC 2016”.

For me as a programmer in the early days it will probably mean that I must again newly acquired Discard and must rethink in some points. I learned the programming language Swift (2.2) with joy. I have to renew my skills. It is exactly that, what excites me, about the program that you should be ready to further develop in order to stay on the ball.

Yet I am working on my first app, but I will not rush. I want learn the tricks that Xcode and even Swift brings.

I look forward to the developer conference ( “WWDC 2016”) in June, not the only reason; what the new operating system will bring (either mobile or personal) us. But what are the new features of Swift 3.0. Much could be read on the own website of Swift.